We believe that everyone can live in harmony with their technology and smart devices. And we can help you do that – by providing easy to access and personalized installation and technical services, advice, and other maintenance service to consumers and small businesses.

We want to help you reclaim your digital life (and perhaps redefine your relationship with smart devices) , by providing service that is not only efficient but also transparent, very useful and professional.

We offer no-nonsense pricing and straight-forward services. And we are available day or night to help you get the We are here, day and night, to help you get the most out of your smart digital devices.

Live Handyman is a US-based company that operates a customer service center out of Edison, New Jersey. The Edison City operations are backed by a technical team in Austin, Texas and Bangalore, India. We are committed to provide you with friendly, competent, empathetic service at every step of the way. To demonstrate this commitment and customer-first culture, we give you the opportunity to rate every interaction. This allows you to work with your favorite technology advisors on an ongoing basis.

How is Live Handyman Different?

“ When I first signed up with Live Handyman, I was desperately trying to recover from a virus attack on my computer. I thought my files and pictures were gone. I thought my computer was dead. The experts at Live Handyman were not only able to get my computer up and running, but they were also able to restore my key files.

But better yet, they explained that I don’t need to pay for expensive add-on antivirus and backups solutions. Live Handyman configured my computer’s built-in tools and I cancelled my subscriptions. Now, I’m spending less money each month, have a more secure system and backup, and I get Live Handyman’s support whenever I have a question. Unbelievable value. ”

– Jerry Rogers, Pennsylvania

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and affordable.

With Live Handyman, less is more. We’re here to answer your questions, get the most from your technology investments, and maybe even save you a little money.

Here are a few of the other key reasons we are unique:

  • We support all your household devices (computers, smartphones, and tablets), regardless of manufacturer, and even when it’s out of manufacturer support.
  • We provide great customer satisfaction.
  • Many other companies in our industry charge a monthly service, but also a fee for each issue. Not us. When you sign up for our monthly plan, you receive truly unlimited support. Call or chat with us as many times as you want…it’s all included. We believe in simple, upfront pricing.

Simply put, we’re here to help you with your technology. No issue is too big or too small.

Customer Protection Comes First

Live Handyman is serious about ensuring our customers have a secure, high quality experience with us.

  • Satisfaction surveys are sent after each interaction
    Every Phone call and every chat session is recorded, securely archived, and monitored for quality and security
  • Credit card payments are managed securely by you, never by an agent. We will not ask for payment information over the phone.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – No Questions Asked

While we believe our service provides incredible value, we realize there can be exceptions. If you are ever less than satisfied, simply call or chat with us. We would be prorate refund or cancel your services contract anytime – no questions asked. Our unlimited access number 844-855-3344. You can also review our full terms and conditions. 

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